Record the Stories and History of Your Career and Background

All careers in Business and Leadership are unique and special. The stories and the perspectives from our experiences are often lost, and sometimes we never allow ourselves to reflect on our careers and what we have learned.


With our Business Memoirs and Reflections service we offer the opportunity for leaders, managers and workers to sit with us in a relaxing atmosphere, and talk about their experiences and what they have learned. Through our in depth interviews we encourage the interviewee to delve into their history, talk about stories that have shaped their understanding of work and what has changed them as a person in their life.

Through an organised programme of sessions we set out to provide a comprehensive account of the clients professional life - from start to finish - and provide them with a recorded work which they can reflect on personally or provide to family members, giving an insight they have never heard before.

Typically this service takes place over multiple sessions (between 3 - 6) over a period of time, allowing for focussed reflections. 


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