MSc, MRes, PGCE, BSc (Hons)

Director and Consultant

Katy has a wealth of experience in training, research and lecturing. She is passionate about the application of psychology to the world of work. Currently, Katy is completing a PhD investigating how employers can better support employees returning to work following bereavement, notably pregnancy loss. Katy possesses two Masters degrees; business psychology and business research methods. 


Katy has won prizes for research excellence and innovation, including the 2013 Nancy Baldwin prize for innovative research within business psychology. Katy was also awarded ESRC funding for her work on gender equality. Her work has also been published in academic journals and presented at BPS conferences, where she has been recognised with awards for outstanding presentation.


Katy has 10 years’ experience of training and lecturing at both degree and masters levels. Katy has been nominated for two teaching awards for her motivational and personable approach. 

Her research specialisms include; equality, gender, miscarriage, communication, mental health, selection and assessment. Katy has vast expertise running focus groups, 360° appraisal, interviewing and surveys.

Katy's passion is working to promote equality within the workplace and to develop healthy and equitable working environments. 

Katy lives in Barnstaple whilst not in London or Milton Keynes, and in her spare time enjoys yoga, travelling and cooking.


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