Defining Processes For Efficiency

In most small to medium sized organisations there are usually 7-12 processes that occur naturally, most of the time you don’t even recognise them.

These processes dictate the success and failures of your business, it is the ability of your business to get things done.

Business Process Mapping (BPM) is an exercise where these processes are identified, dissected, analysed and, if needed, redesigned to ensure that the organisation is running as effectively, efficiently and profitably possible.

Alacrity believes organisations are always capable of improvement, but also recognises that most search for improvement comes following times of crisis, disaster or through financial requirement.

Business Process Mapping exercises can be massively beneficial for organisations. The lean principles of BPM help to achieve significant financial savings through minimisation of wastage, through increasing productivity and insuring that all elements contribute maximum value to the overall process. 

As a means of ensuring long-term performance gains, BPM creates clarity, responsibility and oversight of key business processes for all individuals involved in their delivery.


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