Assessing Accuracy, Efficiency and Speed of Workplace Output

All organisations engage in activities which can be assessed in regards to their quality. The ease of doing so is dependent upon the complexity of the processes, service and/or manufacturing processes involved.

Although the concepts of quality can be widely applied, Alacrity believe that all organisations are unique and as such their processes and ways of operating are inherently different from other organisations.

Business Quality Auditing involves using a variety of tools to breakdown and assess quality. Alacrity believe that expedience, standardisation of practice and client experiences are all significant in assessing quality.

Alacrity begins every Quality Auditing activity by identifying the key activities that require assessment with the client. It is uncommon to be able to assess the entire business offering given the complexity and size of organisations, more that it is vital to identify the most pertinent issues and the processes which surround this.

We believe it is vital to lock in an organisations ability to measure the quality of processes internally. We work with the organisation to provide KPIs which are meaningful for the organisation, and also identify what constitutes excellent returns in this regard.


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