Delivering Comprehensive Appraisal Facilitation & Support

Leadership within small-to-medium sized businesses is usually represented in the form of Managing Directors, or by a select few managers. These leaders, and central points of the business, are often key to the success of the organisation.

‘360 appraisal’ is an appraisal tool for management and high level staff to receive comprehensive feedback from a wide variety of stakeholders who have contact with the subject, including various staff groups, customers, suppliers and associated business partners. 

‘Alacrity 360’ facilitates and conducts interviews, questionnaires and observations within the business and with identified key stakeholders to provide comprehensive feedback regarding performance of individuals.


Alacrity takes care of the exercise from start to finish, so leaders and managers need not be inconvenienced by what could otherwise be a time consuming and inaccurate result.

Alacrity fully believes that 360 appraisal should be a supportive and developmental exercise, conducted sensitively, with discretion assured, to ensure that results are accurate and honest.


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